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Learn the skills to

Take the Leap to Leadership

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We are a community of L&D professionals who are no longer entry level and are ready to level up our career. We are the resource that helps you take the leap to leadership. 


We help you learn, level up your leadership skills, and leverage your experience. We do this by offering different options, so you can find the solution that works best for you.


Let's find the best resource to help you take the next step in your career.  Join the Emerging Leaders in L&D today for free or choose one of the other options below to get the support you need on your journey to L&D leadership. 

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Unlock your leadership potential with The Leadership Lab!

Whether you're eyeing an L&D leadership role, planning a podcast, blog, or YouTube venture, or starting your own business, we've got your roadmap to success.

Our community of like-minded professionals offers expert mentorship, collaborative brainstorming, unparalleled problem-solving, business building mastery, and the support needed to turn your big ideas into reality.

Don't let your vision remain a dream – join The Leadership Lab today and make your next big leadership idea become a reality.



Ready to supercharge your L&D career? Seize control of your professional journey by enrolling in our tailored courses.

Learn essential leadership skills, access premium templates and tools for heightened efficiency, build an impressive resume, and apply your newfound knowledge immediately.


Dive into our comprehensive course catalogue and ignite your path to L&D leadership excellence. 



Ready to elevate your L&D career? Our Emerging Leader Coaching Program is your ticket to leadership excellence.

We begin by establishing your goals and then work together to achieve milestones and celebrate the outcomes! We accomplish this through weekly coaching sessions, immersive book studies, access to the professional community, unlimited access to our course catalog, skill-boosting exercises, continuous inspiration, and actionable steps.

If you're an emerging leader, consider this program your one-stop solution for success.


Don't hesitate – join the Emerging Leaders Coaching Program now and fast-track your path to leadership in the dynamic world of Learning & Development Leadership!


Resources for Members

Ready to Launch Your L&D Leadership Journey?
Explore the wealth of resources and expert support we provide exclusively to our members, designed to empower L&D professionals like you to boldly step into leadership roles.

Unlock your potential today!

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Plus so much more!

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10% discount on courses and resources

How Did It All Begin?

Hi, I’m Rachel Schell! One question I'm often asked is why did you start the Emerging Leaders in L&D group?

In August of 2022 I found myself without much of a network. All of these exciting things are happening in the L&D space and I couldn’t find anyone talking about it. There was no group that seemed to focus on those of us that are considered emerging leaders: no longer entry level, but not quite ready for leadership. When I brought this up to my best friend, she said - why don’t you start a group of your own? 

And so I did.

The Emerging Leaders in L&D is a group of learning and design professionals that are no longer entry level, but are learning the skills needed to take the leap to leadership. If you’re looking for a group that can help you take the next steps in your L&D career, join today.

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Join today for free!

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