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What's Your Big Leadership Idea?

  • Ready to ascend to a Leadership & Development (L&D) position?

  • Eager to embark on your podcast, blog, or YouTube journey?

  • Eager to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey?

  • Looking for support as you launch your business?

Look no further – we've got your back!

Welcome to The Leadership Lab! A thriving community of like-minded professionals. 

Here's How We Can Ignite Your Success

The Leadership Lab is here to help you take the leap into L&D leadership. We understand that the road to leadership can be a lonely one. You're probably already busy with your job, and it's hard to find time for classes or events that are relevant to you and your career. We believe in supporting emerging leaders where they currently are so they can grow into the best versions of themselves—and that means providing you with the resources you need to succeed as a leader in your organization.

With our Leadership Lab, we help you get there by offering:

  • Expert Mentorship: We are industry leaders who know what it takes to climb the ladder at your organization. They'll help you identify opportunities for growth and success, as well as provide tips on how to make them happen. 

  • Community: Emerging leaders need other emerging leaders! Our community of L&D professionals on the same leadership journey will provide support, encouragement and accountability as you work toward your goals. We'll help you stay focused on what matters most with creative brainstorm sessions and book studies led by industry experts.

  • Ongoing Learning Opportunities: Whether it's in-person or online, we provide you access to learning opportunities each month. Access the Leadership Learning Library at anytime to find learning that you can implement immediately. 

  • Affordability: We keep membership fees low so that everyone has access to quality resources at an affordable price point.

  • Action: Turn your big idea into a reality with our collective wisdom. Whether it's coming up with a plan to start, reflecting on a lesson learned, or figuring out what's next - we will be there to help you succeed! 

How does my membership work?

We understand that great leadership starts with a BIG IDEA. Whether you aspire to lead in L&D, launch your own content platform, or jump into entrepreneurship and business leadership, we've got the blueprint for your success.

Step 1: Learn

Discover how to respond to real scenarios as a leader. Every month, we immerse you in real-life scenarios, equipping you with invaluable strategies to thrive as a leader.
Engage in collaborative problem-solving with fellow leaders, preparing you for the challenges of leadership.

Leadership Lab Tools for Your Success:

  • Leadership Learning Library: Self-paced learning available when you need it. 

  • Book Study: Dive into thought-provoking literature that ignites your leadership passion.

  • 3L's Newsletter: Stay ahead of the curve with insights and updates.

Step 2: Lead

Forge your leadership path by actively engaging with real-world leadership challenges alongside a supportive community of leaders. Receive constructive feedback, bolster your skills, and cultivate your leadership prowess within a secure and nurturing environment.

Leadership Lab Tools for Your Success:

  • Online Community: Connect with like-minded leaders, share experiences, and foster growth.

  • Monthly Zoom Call: Participate in discussions, work through activities, and gain expert insights.

Step 3: Leverage

Leverage the power of your leadership network to catapult you toward your aspirations. Reflect on your leadership journey, prepare for your next leadership role, and collaborate with fellow leaders to achieve your loftiest leadership objectives.

Leadership Lab Tools for Your Success:

  • Featured Member Spotlight: We will celebrate your achievements and inspire others.

  • Job Board: Explore exciting career opportunities and expand your horizons.

  • Course/Workshop/Template Discounts: Access exclusive resources to fuel your leadership evolution.

The Leadership Lab

Choose from one of the options below and recieve instant access to resources.

  • The Leadership Lab

    Every month
    Pay as you go!
    • Live Leadership Workshop each month
    • Leadership Learning Library unlimited access
    • Optional book study (4 per year)
    • Online community
    • Job board for members
    • Featured Member in the 3L's Newsletter
    • 15% off of courses and coaching
  • Best Value

    The Leadership Lab Annual Membership

    Every year
    Get 1 month free!
    • Live Leadership Workshop each month
    • Leadership Learning Library unlimited access
    • Optional book study (4 per year)
    • Online community
    • Job board for members
    • Featured Member in the 3L's Newsletter
    • 20% off of courses and coaching
    • 1 month free with annual subscription

By selecting the plan you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.


Who is The Leadership Lab for? 

L&D professionals who are no longer entry level and are looking to take take the leap to leadership. This includes instructional designers, developers, voice-over artists, HR professionals, trainers, teachers, managers, supervisors, and anyone in the learning and development industry.

How much is the membership fee? 

We offer 2 different levels of membership. All prices are shown in USD. 

The Leadership Lab (Monthly): $19.97/month

The Leadership Lab (Yearly): $219.67/year

What's the difference between the monthly and annual membership? 

The main difference is we can bill you each month for your membership or bill you at once for the year. When you sign up for the annual membership you will receive one month free, as well as 20% discount on courses and coaching. 


The monthly and annual membership gives you the same access to learning materials,  including the Live Leadership Workshop and the Leadership Learning Library. Becoming a leader is more than just learning, that's why this membership includes the Slack community and the book studies, so you can build your leadership network while learning. We also provide a job board and the 3L's Newsletter to keep you updated on what's happening in the L&D industry.

How soon can I get access to the Leadership Learning Library? 

Immediately! As soon as you sign up, we'll send you the link to access materials. 

How soon can I get access to the job board and online community? 

Immediately! As soon as you sign up, we'll send you the link to join Slack

When is the LinkedIn Live event? 

These events are typically the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm ET/3:00 pm PT. Recordings of the live event are shared in the Leadership Learning Library the next day (and announced in Slack). 

What if I can't attend the live workshop? 

No problem! We record the sessions and add them, as well as worksheets and other resources, to the Leadership Learning Library. As long as you are a Leadership Lab member, you will have access to these workshops!

What if it's not for me? 

We understand! If you aren't enjoying your membership, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. If you aren't happy, contact us and we'll initiate the refund process. 

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